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Not your typical property management company


Hi there and thank you for visiting Beadles Homes.

All of our homes are owned by us, the Beadles Family. We are not your typical property management company.

We build or buy brand new homes and rent them out to qualified people all in house.

We do not manage any homes other than the homes we own. 

Thank you for considering Beadles Homes, if you have any questions feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you soon as we can.

Have a wonderful week, God Bless.

The Beadles Family

Why would we consider renting to section 8 families?

It’s quite simple, we ourselves came from humble beginnings and believe everyone deserves a safe, clean, amazing home to raise their families in. In addition, since our homes are new, most families take really good care of the homes as we do.

Why is our address a PO BOX at the UPS Store?

It’s simple, we do not have an office, we are not a typical property management company. We build or buy brand new homes and they go very quickly, once gone they are typically gone for 10 plus years. We don’t need the overhead of an office, it’s easier for us just to work from our own home. 

Why is our phone number a google voice number?

It’s simple, we work from home, we don’t want all the spam calls and once the homes are gone, they’re gone. Our families that live in our homes have access to us 7 days a week through our cell phone numbers we give to them once they are qualified.

Where do we own homes?

Most of our homes are in California and Nevada. We do not have much, to any turnover. Once a family moves in, they typically stay for 10 plus years. As we buy or build new homes, we will list them here, and once gone, they’re gone. 

This sounds too good to be true?

We understand many are used to rental homes being slums run by slum lords, we are not that. We simply give qualified people a chance and they usually appreciate it. They usually take care of the home, which makes life easier for everybody. In addition, we do not charge an application fee or sell your information, period. Sounds crazy we know, but we simply treat people the way we would like to be treated.